This oil is a reflection of a local production subject to the actual cost of labor and controled productivity, to give this nectar, the highest quality as deserved...
The "Green Fruity Olive Oil", "Intense Fruity" :
is an oil obtained from green and black olives freshly harvested early in the season and turned into oil within 24 hours.

This oil offers a wide range of vegetable aromas : raw artichokes, fresh almonds and spring flavors of cut grass.
The Green Fruity Olive Oil provides a more or less ardent sensation depending on the olive varieties and their maturity.

It is the queen of oils for salads, raw or cooked vegetables, perfect for carpaccio and grilled meats, fish or served with cheese.

The "Black Fruity Olive Oil", "Traditionnal Taste " :
it is obtained from green and black olives picked at optimum ripness and turned oil after a certain storage time away from the air to promote a slight fermentation.
It is an oil with black olives, mushroom , cocoa and truffles flavor. This oil is recommended for prepared dishes like mashed potatoes, ratatouille or fish.

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